Thursday, September 21, 2006

Who would you want for a Ryder Cup mascot?

This weekend The University of Colorado is trailering their 900lb mascot Ralphie IV , and bringing her to represent their football team as they go up against the Mighty Bulldogs of Georgia. The Bulldogs, with Uga VI, is an equally impressive mascot which has graced more magazine covers than any other in history.
Mascots bring not only pride, but are also a rallying symbol.

That got me thinking; what if the US team had a mascot for the Ryder Cup? Not only would that be cool, but it would bring another immediately marketable plush stuffed animal to buy! Hey, it worked for Caddyshack.

We all like to identify with something, but it's awfully hard to identify with pampered millionaires who get to stroll some of the most pristine land around the world....but we can identify with mascots.

What mascot would you choose?

Look no further than nicknames of some great players: they could have a walrus as a mascot. Seeing how the Walrus has been a nickname for Craig Stadler forever, it has already shown it can be marketable.
Then there are the other obvious ones: tiger (Woods), bulldog (Love), lion (Daly), a golf cart (covered in an earlier post).
Or maybe to really bring it down an identify-able level: squirrels....uh....for the woods....or how about a fish for water hazard? Hey! A worm would have a duel meaning: an unplayable lie....or the bottom of a tequila bottle at the 19th hole....

...but I digress.

I think I'd vote for one that hails from Captain Lehman's home: Minnesota, and has already proven its marketability by representing the greatest golf movie ever.
My vote for our 2007 US mascot to The Ryder Cup should be a:


Heck, if the K Club is worried about our mascot creating a new chunnel under their golf course...we could bronze it, and make it a Golden Gopher.

Our Ryder Cup team needs its "Ralphie", and all of us self-proclaimed Carl Spacklers are in need of something to identify with. We need a mascot.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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