Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An expensive traffic jam

Or, my alternate title: Maybe it was the hayfever medication.

This month I had to make a trip to the local FedEx office to pick up a couple sweet tickets to the upcoming Georgia Tech/Miami football game. The game was sold out, and my father-in-law really wants to go to the game. Obviously I'm going to oblige case you forgot the last sentence....he's my father-in-law.
A diehard Syracuse fan, he HATES Miami U with a passion ever since they left the big East division. Oh yeah, his Northern neighbor loves the Dolphins....all of which really pisses him off. I think it's because it never snows down there that really grinds his axe. He believes everyone should be born with a snow shovel in one hand, and a can of Vicks Vape-o-Rub in the other.

By the way, I scored these tix from my sponsor Coast to Coast Tickets , great tickets from nice people. I suggest if you're in a tight for any kind of event ticket, you should check them out.

So I'm coming back from FedEx when I get caught in this horrendous traffic jam. I quickly ascertain that I can do one of three things:
1) Sit in the traffic and mope about why I shouldn't have switched my Blogger account to the Blogger Beta version (oh, you want to post to other blogs?...oh, you want to use Picasa to download pictures?), I didn't know I had it so good before I hit the submit button(or what I call the point of no return button);
2) I could mope (some more) about how my digital camera fritzed on me, and I'm sans camera for "4-6 weeks".

3) I could go to Golfsmith.

Yes, right there in between a Toy's R Us, and Best Buy, was my playground.

I fluidly dropped the car onto the berm, avoided a couple tire rims, and made the exit with nary a beep of my horn.
As for the other horns bleeping? I couldn't hear 'em.

I was going to Golfsmith.

(to be continued)


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