Monday, October 16, 2006

Who's zooming who?

Last week the NASCAR track at Atlanta Motor Speedway hosted some of the greatest drivers for a publicity shoot.

Legendary drivers like Titlieist, Ping, and Nike.


Let me explain: In an effort to solidify a tie-in with NASCAR, the PGA will co-sponsor the #11 FedEx race car. The new logo FedExCup will be adorned on a white Chevy Monte Carlo with.... get this.... painted dimples to emulate a golf ball.

...I can hear the announcers now..."oh that number #11 just got tattooed by Tony Stewart on turn three!"...."Yeah Darrel, looks like Tony took out his Sasquatch driver and hit him about 300 cut."

This is the latest attempt for the PGA to try and brainwash us into thinking it is similar to NASCAR.
Unfortunately, the only similarities I see are that some of the PGA members chew tobacco, drive mobile homes to the tournaments, and take periodic "pit stops".
I've yet to see anybody trading paint between the ropes.

The PGA has declining viewership (hence the FedExCup), while NASCAR is hotter than a firecracker. So it's sad that even though the PGA is spending the promo-money, I see NASCAR reaping the rewards in fan-base. Golfers, you see, love car-racing. Racers love bass-fishing. In fact, the debut of the FedExCup car will be at the Bass Pro Shop MBNA 500.

Fittingly, when PGA spokesperson for the event, Davis Love III clad in his fitted NASCAR jump-suit, stepped up to hit a few drives off the speedway to kick off the shameless NASCAR/PGA tie-in, the balls landed in the newest version of Caddyshack's lumber yard...

They landed in the pits.

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