Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hank Haney is a smart man

Coach says Woods can get better- Reuters telephone interview with Hank Haney

Such was today's sports headline in CHINAdaily about how Hank Haney says Wood's is close, but not there just yet.
For those of you that spend more time watching LonelyGirl15 on YouTube than what's on over at GolfChannel, let me catch you up. Hank Haney has been working with Tiger for the last 2 1/2 years on swing changes that have done a couple positive things: its given him a flatter swing plane; paired with a swing designed to keep weight off his doctored left knee.
The obviously positive results this year alone make Tiger arguably better than he was during the coach-Harmon years.

And that's what's got Haney scared.

Haney, by saying Tiger can get better, is in essence guaranteeing himself that he will be around for the annual blooming-of-azaleas in Augusta.
This is a brilliant move by Haney who has obviously learned well from history.

Let's say Haney would have said: "well, you (the media) know Tiger, well...he's just amazing. He should teach me for God's sake! I can't see how he can get much better...I mean 6 vix in a row?! Hellooohw!!"

He would be on the next flight to his lake house in Tahoe....on his tab. Alone.

Tiger needs someone that is as interested in getting he is. That was Coach Harmon's fatal flaw...he only had so much juice, and left Tiger (always the perfectionist), still wanting more.

That more was Hank Haney.

Haney ( 3 years prior) could be found hand-pumping the crowds at local golf trade shows.....for scratch. Take a guess at what his appearance fees are now? Uh, it ain't scratch.
Haney was in the right place at the right time.

There is someone else that will be there for Tiger in the right place at the right time....who knows when that might be.

But as long as Coach Hank keeps saying this mantra, from the greatest teacher of all, over-and-over:

"The real fun of golf is the improving"-Ben Hogan

Then we'll see Coach Hank strolling the hallowed fairways come Spring. With his golden-child inside the ropes.

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