Thursday, October 26, 2006

THEE Best Damn Band In the Land

I went to college at U of Akron. We had a crap football team at the time....and....wanting to cheer for a winner, I adopted The Ohio State University as my "team". They had great players, great history, and the games were always on TV, which was a big deal, because back then we only had 5 channels to choose from.

A buddy of mine lived in Columbus, so I'd regularly get a chance to drive down for the weekend see the Buckeyes play.
It was during those games, when I was introduced to a tradition that supercedes all the others...the dotting of the i.

During halftime of every home game, the OSU band performs by coming out on the field in single file line scripting the word Ohio. It is awesome, and rarely do fans leave their seats for this performance.
The really big deal though, for senior band members, is that during Homecoming, one of the senior sousaphone (a big marching tuba) players is chosen to dot the i.

Sometimes though, they make an exception.

This weekend, the greatest golfer of his era, Jack Nicklaus, will take the field to dot the i.

This weekend, OSU hosts the Golden Gophers of Minnesota for Homecoming. Jack Nicklaus (following in the footsteps of other heralded Ohio legends such as Bob Hope and Woody Hayes) will acheive Ohio's version of immortality, as he marches in step to complete script Ohio, then (sans tuba) will get washed in a flood of cheering Red and Scarlet-clad fans as he completes this mighty tradition with an exaggerated "kick, turn, and bow".

As noted, Nicklaus will not be hefting a tuba, but rather will be wielding a baton given to him by an old fraternity brother for good luck.

My guess is that baton will look and feel like a 1-iron.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


PS: thanks to JB for the heads-up.

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