Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The art of cannabalism

The news this weekend was mortifying to anyone associated with The Tour Championship at East Lake CC in Atlanta: Tiger Woods backs out of end of year tournament. Not only is his face plastered all over every clubhouse pass and banner...but Coca Cola, and every major sponsor in the event can't help but think this Halloween that they have been "rolled" without the toilet paper.

It's really not surprising that this year more top 50 money leaders have been no-shows for the Fall Finish than normal...it all comes down to a simple marketing rule:

Marketing 101: Never introduce an improved product without reducing the inventory of the old product.

...Lest you will be running blue-light specials.

This Cardinal Rule is in full effect for this Fall Tour. Your top pros know that this is the last year for a long break...to take time off to spend with family for that once-in-a-lifetime October trip to Punta Cana....or wherever these Uber-rich guys go.

I can't blame them, these guys are not only good...they're fiscally responsible! If you knew that next year you could make an additional $10 million, but this year playing the same tournaments doesn't count towards it (more importantly it's not in their contracts to play....but it will be next year)...why in the world would you play? Would it not be more fun to sleep in late, have a noon tee time in (insert ultra-exclusive resort here) with your buds, and play for some scratch whilst drinking a few "sodas"?

...I'll hang up and listen.

Yesterday, at a local golf event, I won a couple tickets to this week's tournament. I had no sense of urgency to go, plus my current schedule was actually a better option. I traded them for a set of beer glasses instead (thank you LMTT!).
I don't know where these tickets will ultimately end up...could be, they go to an interested party.

But they will probably end up on a table marked "Blue-Light Special".

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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