Thursday, November 30, 2006

Army gets balled

I'm reminded of an ongoing theory regarding WMD's: We know Iraq has WMD's...we have the receipts!

But this latest paper trail doesn't have anything to do with that, Pulonium-210, or Kid Rock's paper trail for that matter.

It has to do with golf balls.

It seems that a ruse from a contractor and an Army purchasing agent co-conspired to bilk the government (read: us, as in you and me) into paying for (among other things) golf balls...420 to be exact...under the invoice description...and I'm not making this up..."Ball Bearing Assortment".

Total bill: $1409.00.

So quick math puts the price-per-ball (PPB) at $3.35. So you'd assume they were probably ProV1's. Hey, if you're gonna steal...go big..right?

Nope. According to the receipt, the invoice was inflated from the original cost of the balls of $682.50...putting the PPB at $1.63. that gets you Nike (rock-ball) Ignite's, with club-money left over.

So back-of-the-envelope profiling has me putting these dolts as hacks that put more balls in the woods than Oak's put fallen acorns, care more about the hot dog condiments at the turn, and take bets on what flavor of Budweiser the cart-girls are transporting...
...and get thrilled doing it all on someone else's (read: us's) tab.

Well, at least these-type criminals are getting savvy. Gone are the days when civilian employees would rip of their own buy bilking their employer (read: yep, you guessed-it, us) for $1500 hammers.

I mean, what are you gonna do with hammers?

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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