Monday, November 06, 2006

Step right up to the money machine!

If you live in a small town like I did, then you're familiar with county fairs. Well, in my youth, I couldn't wait for them. Usually there was a radio show sponsoring the fair, and as a promotion they would have a Money Booth with some lucky raffle-winning shlep flailing away inside it, trying like mad to stuff $100 dollar bills in his pockets. Alas, I was never that lucky raffle-winning shlep.

The same type of money grab will be going at next year's FedExCup...but the powers that be haven't quite figured out how to divvy-up all that loot.

According to SI , the debate whether to pay the $10 million in a lump sum or in deferred compensation to the winner, will have the Tour players' financial consultants pouring over the statistical pros and cons during Thanksgiving Dinner...."Lord bless us as we break bread and carve-up my 10% mean...this turkey."

Meanwhile....back at Tiny Tim's house....last week a court ruling upheld the PGA's stance that the Tour's rules officials are exempt from overtime pay. It seems that these officials and their legion of administers have been working 12-hour days (albeit part-time) without a contract since 2003! These guys are still working on the honor system when it is clear that honor has taken a backseat to greed.

So while the Tour officials might be buying those raffle tickets to get their shots in the Money's the Tour players who will be the lucky schleps inside.

Stuffing their pockets full of millions.

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