Thursday, December 07, 2006


Every year, my parents would load-up the station wagon with fishing gear, a trailered boat, my brother and I...and head to Dale Hollow Tennessee....over 8 hours away. Logistically it was a nightmare, but we loved it once we were there.

We also loved to go to Lake Erie, which was a more manageable 2 hours away (for my parents that equalled less squirming of kids in the back-seat). The scenery wasn't as great...but boy the fish would bite just as hard!

Eventually, we found ourselves going less to TN, and more to Lake Erie.

So I wasn't shocked when I read that last night the PGA decided it was leaving the coconut-laden trees of Poipu Bay Hawaii, and setting its sights for the PGA Grand Slam of Golf...due the Mid Ocean Club in Bermuda.

The PGA says it was a "business decision"...but I think it has less to do with business, and more to do with convenience. HI, no doubt, is a fantastic getaway with great golf and fishing....but the usual suspect of qualifiers live in Florida....have yachts and/or private jets, and when the proverbial rubber-meets-the-road, it's all about logistics.

Which equals less squirming in the back seat.

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