Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Scotch baby...and I don't mean hop-scotch

There are few combinations in life that are meant to be together. Those that make the grade become a reward for just thinking of them: hot dogs and mustard....big soft pretzels and a cold beer....french-fries and vinegar (subtle shout-out to my TX fans); and a special one for this time of year: marshmallow's roasting on an open-fire.

.....but there is a combination that rises above all, and is fast becoming a national trend for marketers of liquor:

Golf and Scotch. Ahhh (excuse me whilst I pour a dram).

As a golfer, you know nothing can compare historically than the origin of golf and 750ml's of Scotch...of course, that is how it all it's rawest form (tale or no tale): a group of Scots took a pint with them on the gawf course...they each took a shot from the bottle of whisky (probably The Macallan), and when they ran out...they stopped. It just happened to take them 18 holes.

Golf architects around the world owe their jobs to whisky...and as a kind gesture, I hope Tiger takes a pint with him to Dubai.

The Glenlivet brand just announced it's 2007 City Links Tour , where they travel around the country with a 9-hole course they set up for you lucky folks living in their pre-determined destinations, and...get this...a tasting event of the entire Glenlivet offerings after the round.

Okay....pinch me.

Thanks for reading. Please drive responsible this New Year...and...keep it in the short grass,



Anonymous said...

oooh, they'll be in NYC in feb :) I might have to swing by!

Happy New Year!

MyDailySlice said...

Excellent! I'm definitely going to the one in the ATL. This should be the only time I won't have a problem finding a foursome!:-)
Happy new year to you as well,