Thursday, February 01, 2007

Web 2.0: for people with too much free time

It seems you can read any magazine this month, and there will be some kind of story about the latest fad to come down the pike in this web 2.0-crazed world we live in. I'm talking about Second Life.

Second Life is a virtual world in which you create your personal "avatar" (a virtual alter-ego) where you can be whomever you want, and do whatever (or, in most cases, whomever) you want. There is an actual capitalistic society where, if your good at amassing "Linden Dollars" (virtual money (the guy who founded Second Life's name is Linden)), you can become a real estate mogul. There are actual real-life people that say they bring down some heavy cheese living in this nether-world.

Which brings me to this video I found on YouTube/Google. It's advertising a company that's developed a virtual golf game based on MMORPG (read the link for the description and the website) allowing you to develop players to compete against others.

It sounds fun and all, and I'm sure it's a great way to shoot an evening, but really? Who's got the time for all these alter-activities web 2.0 is creating for us? Maybe I'm not a good time manager, but it's all I can do just to just to find time for real golf, played with real people and do it quick enough so I don't tick-off my real family.

Anyways...enjoy the's very funny, and I guarantee a good use of your time!



Patricia Hannigan said...

I created a very sexy avatar for myself ... but that's as far into 2nd Life as I've had time to venture. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

People with to much time go blogging. I should be spending more time outside looks great I havent seen the snow in a long time.