Thursday, March 08, 2007

Now on the first tee...President Tiger Woods

Let's look at what has happened in pro golf the last few weeks and see if we can connect the dots:
First, The HBO series 'Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel' fuels expectations of a "Tiger-run Tour".

Then, The International, which started with a bang in 1986, ends with a whimper...we'll, to be exact...with a whimper from its founder, as he lamented the current status of golf without Tiger (as I have recently mentioned is happening for every tournament in this post).

Then last week, while Boo Weekly was in Florida clubbing himself like a baby seal, Tiger wooed King Finch into taking advantage of that opening in the schedule, by letting his Foundation sponsor a new golf event in the recently-scorned DC area.

Finally, Tiger announces that his Tournament, while raising money for his foundation being the prime goal, will also dedicate the weekend of his tournament emphasizing military recognition.
Now the whole world it seems feels that a Tiger Tour is imminent.

Wow. Mark those past weeks on your calendar as a momentous step towards something much bigger, and connect the dots.

It's not a Tiger Tour that is's the Tiger Presidency which is imminent.

Earl Woods' premonitions of his boy wonder have silenced most critics. There were so many that he had laid out for his son, that most were brushed away by the media like the cobwebs on a reclaimed golf bag that was stored for the winter.
Premonitions like: golf is just part of the bigger picture for Tiger, just as he will become an ambassador for golf...he will become an ambassador of the world. That one has yet to be accomplished, and I'll bet Tiger has that list...and is checking it...twice.

Today, Tiger is the most recognized face on the planet. Those same people that hate America's idealism? Well, they love Tiger, why?

...Because he transcends boundaries...he has that gift.

Now, let's fast forward 20 years from now. Here's what I think will play out in the year 2028:

Tiger will test the political waters in his home state of Florida as a Senator, then Governor. He will use his DC connections over the last 20 years from his very successful tournament, to position himself into the fast tract for a presidential run.
By this time Unity08 will be Unity 28, and will be have built itself into a formidable 3rd party affiliation. Tiger, because he can choose his own platform without special interest influence, will choose the Unity ticket, and will fund his campaign solely from his wealth. Internet-based groundswell of public confidence will follow him all the way to the Presidency.

Far-fetched? Who's going to bet against him?

Bryant Gumbel has it all wrong. it's not that Tiger has run out of aspirations with the Tour, and his next logical step is to break off, and fund his own tour. That is complete nonsense. Tiger is NOT going to kill the goose that laid his golden egg. No, he is going to partner with it for his own unique personal goals that his father instilled in him. Goals he will accomplish. Tiger getting his foot in the door in DC is the real logical step.

A Tiger Tour? That's too small a picture.
The big picture is The Presidency.

Are you connecting the dots?

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