Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"That's what I'm talkin' about!"

Golf enthusiasts looking for expert advice on improving their game need to check this out. Golf Tips ( debuts as a virtual driving range, offering viewers direct access to the best golf techniques available, delivered on demand over the Internet.

Golf Tips is one of several new programs being introduced by ON Networks, Inc.

Hosted by Joe Beck, a seasoned PGA professional with 20 years in the game. The show provides informed instruction designed to appeal to abroad range of golfers.

Beck tackles a different technique in 3-4 minute episodes, breaking it down into basic steps which he walks his viewers through...such as driving, putting, or escaping a bunker. This week's episode, titled, "Chipping, the Bump-and-Run", features Beck demonstrating how to take control of your chipping off the green. Each episode is packed with awesome camera angles that give you different views of the shot, is fast-moving, and sure to keep your attention...especially the "Circle of Friends" putting episode!

Unfortunately, the only thing I have circling when I'm on the green are sharks. Maybe watching these videos before I play will help my wallet stay in my back pocket!


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