Saturday, August 11, 2007

The couch

I love a good couch. A couch is always there for you when you're ready for a nap. It never doesn't wonder where you've's always ready to cushion your body for a nap, remembering the slightest indentations of your shape. My last couch lasted me 15 wonderfully napping years.

We recently upgraded...a traumatically manly event, and it was literally an expedition to find one that I felt deserved the merit to replace it. My wife and I would trundle through furniture shops, darting through the slobbering salespeople to find the rooms labeled "Couches". As I laid down on the ones that met "the paint color scheme", my poor wife would have to feign ignorance to wondering shoppers as I laid down on the selected "part-time beds" she'd tell them: " I think his beta-blockers just kicked-in." As I'd be snoring away.

Suffice to say, we found our new couch, and it matches the paint on the walls. The best part though, is that it has 3 supportive cushions, and is long enough for those mid-nap stretches.

Tiger Woods shot a freakin' 62 1/2 Friday at the PGA Championship...he's holding his own today, and he will win Sunday. This is great news for me...why?

I've had both kid's this weekend while my wife worked...she's off tomorrow and is taking them to our pool. I offered a weak..."oh-I-can-take-them" a suck-up move which she bought by saying "oh that's okay just rest". So it's just me, and the residue of the last 2 days of screaming kids, with an average of 6 hours of sleep. I've got more collateral damage than the Bush Administration.

This PGA Championship win is worth 27,500 FedEx points. I'm going to click on CBS, pronate myself on our new my leg over the top cushions, and count to 27,500.

So, thank-you Tiger, for making my Sunday an exceptionally relaxing one...

...and allowing me to bond with my couch.



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