Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How to get into the Hall of Fame

Last weekend the spotlight was on my hometown, Akron/Canton Ohio. The small town where I grew up has two of the most highlighted events anywhere in the country on one weekend: The Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremonies/game, and the Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone CC.

Getting enshrined into the Football HOF is difficult, there is a 40 member selection committee that combs through biographies and statistics as if they were looking for hanging chads, to arrive at a consensus.
The way a player can get himself into position to be elected is simple...you have to steamroll your competition and be the most dominant player at your position.

This year the Steelers played the Saints in the annual Hall of Fame Game which is played in the old Fawcett Stadium next to the museum. The Steeler's of the 70/80's's were a dominating force where each player excelled at their position. Seventeen Steeler's enjoy residence in the Hall because of it.
The Steelers dominated the Saints and took home the HOF statue this year.

Tiger Woods dominated the field in his final round at Firestone CC, and took home the beautiful trophy (it replaced the former World Series of Golf trophy in the 90's that looked like a Star Trek fan made it.).
Woods' performance was his 6th win at the Firestone CC. Something about that course feeds him the fuel needed to steamroll his competition. This years event was no different, as he once again proved that he is the most dominant player at his position.

Getting into the Golf Hall of Fame is equally difficult, with much of the same qualities needed to be enshrined. The only stat Tiger is missing to get into the hall at this point is he isn't 40 yet.

Like the Steelers in the Hall, Tiger is positioning himself as a future Golf enshrinee.

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