Monday, October 22, 2007

Not you Mother's HGH

For dinner tonight I had chicken-pot-pie. As I devoured it, I hearkened back to my youth when my late Mother would make this cornucopia of vegetables and chicken, wrapped in a flaky-golden pie crust. My Mom always said "now eat your vegetables so you'll grow big and strong". At the end of the week, the vegetables that didn't make it off my plate, made it into her chicken pot pie. And I got big and strong.

Back then, the vegetables came out of our garden, and the chicken came from my Grandpa's chicken coop. Looking back, there was nothing fake about it. Everything was right there in the open...right there for the taking and using. Maybe that's why the past tastes better than today.

No offense Ms Callendar.

Today the world is a different everything in "our" chicken pot pie has been laden with unknown artificial ingredients to ensure we perfect the past. Some of this is positive, some of this is negative.

The illogical labeling of HGH as an illegal substance in the professional sports world will take us down a long treacherous, gut-wrenching downward spiral, that will (and in some sports has already) never allow us the free-will to believe in greatness.

Ankiel, Landis, Jones, Byrd...

Remember Shaun Micheel? Yep...he's a user.

My point is not to single out these athlete's, but to cast a wide net of sports this single substance catches.
The single reason athletes are big users of HGH, is there is nothing better that aids in muscle recovery...that means less down-time recovering from a workout or a game, and more time practicing...playing...winning (while we all stand and say GO TEAM!).
The names we have heard are only the tip of the that Jones has owned-up to her usage...this media-driven house of cards will continue to collapse...questioning what we believe in. And whether we should have taken this road to nowhere ever since spotting McGwire with creatine.
My opinion?All sports should legalize HGH at the professional level, so we can have an official roster of users. That way I can chose who I want to believe in, and I can believe in his or her greatness without the questioning that comes with it being illegal.

There's a whole lot of athlete's eating chicken pot pie, getting big and strong.

Problem ain't Mom's.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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