Monday, February 18, 2008

The fist pump

Tiger has become a verb in our society...a car salesman, making a sale, goes to the bosses office...punches his fist into the air and says: "I Tiger-ed him". Golfers of every walk, live for the moment on the golf course when they can sink that putt and do the 'Tiger fist-pump'.

Now kids have a chance to pump their fists.

The Tiger Woods Foundation has a contest for kids 13-18 to submit a short video, or text essay for the Fist Pump Challenge. The foundation is giving away great kid-rated loot (for those that can put their stories of attaining goals on video or text) by selecting a few of them on the last day of every month all this year, and if you live in Orange County or Washington DC...soon, you may be eligible for an Earl Woods Foundation Scholarship.

The Tiger Woods Foundation has been instrumental in helping millions of kids across the country define and reach their goals through scholarships, grants and other golf related activities... that's worthy of a fist pump!

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The Armchair Golfer said...

Tiger wants to do as much or more off the course as on. His foundation is doing good things.