Sunday, March 02, 2008

Of walking and carbon credits

I wonder how many carbon credits I got yesterday?

I walked a golf course.

With all the discussion about the financial world making a market in trading carbon credits, I wondered how many credits I added to my account. With the world acting more gun-shy than a cat in a house full of rocking chairs, introducing carbon-credits (a financial means of putting an actual monetary value to pollution) will seem to provide a looking-glass into who (and more importantly) what is a polluter, therefore allowing more finger-pointing than a good soap-opera.

This formula is all well and good to big business...but what about you and me? Who is assigning Joe Public these credits? After all, doesn't environmental-thinking start at a grassroots level?

If I decide to fill up my car in the evenings than during the many points is that worth for me?
If I replace all my kids' regular batteries with the lithium one's, and dispose of them in recycling bins...why don't I get the credit along with big business? Yes, big business provided me an avenue to conserve, but I made the decision to use that avenue.

So it was, that yesterday I took it upon myself to sling the bag over my shoulder, and to experience the beauty of seeing the golf-course at eye-level, rather than the 4-rubber-wheeled windshield-level.

The cart-path only restriction was not going to be an option.

March in Georgia has the makings of springtime. A balmy 58 degrees is a fine respite from the numbing 20's and 30's we have throughout our winter season. Mother Nature comes out of hiding with the birds and animals piercing the hollow sound of the breeze moving through bare trees...trees that are primed to blossom for a showy spring floral display that will occur in a few short weeks!

After walking 18, I returned my clubs to the dark storage of my car-trunk. Looking around at the golf course, I took a long-deep breath, pleased at the fresh air that filled my lungs...and pleased that my body was fit enough to have experienced that foot-driven exercise, and I realized...

...that I had just received my carbon credits.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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