Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tiger's space-race ends flat

No sooner did Tiger blast off to the moon, did he have to return.

According to the WSJ, Element 79, the ad firm that developed Tiger Woods hitting a golf ball off the moon (aka Alan Shepard) to promote his 'Tiger'-branded Gatorade, has been dropped by PepsiCo.

What will the next Tiger-sports-drink ads look like when the new agency Arnell Group starts its work?

Well, I have an idea, last year the Arnell Group developed an ad with drink-client SoBe involving dancing with lizards...

So instead of the moon...I'm thinking something Jurassic:

...Tiger Woods fending off a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a 2-iron after taking a swig from his drink.

Are you listening Madison Ave?

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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