Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tiger loses...we lose

Did Sub-prime submarine your portfolio? Bet you saved the last kittles by stashing it in auction-rate you thought, until you tried to withdraw the funds...ouch.

What's a poor guy s'pose to do? Not even the bond-market is safe because Tiger didn't win The Masters!

That's right...according to a WSJ report, there is a "Tiger effect" for the bond market.

Apparently, since 1997, some stat-freaks at BNP Paribas have been charting the Lehman Brothers Aggregate Bond Index, with correlations to Tigers' Masters victories., these aren't the same guys who chart the market after a Super Bowl win...that would be foolish.

So, here's the skinny... Tiger wins: buy bonds; Tiger doesn't win; sell bonds and buy Pokemon made that last part up...if Tiger doesn't win: don't buy bonds.

Here's the proof: the bond index returns over 1% when he wins, the same index gives a negative return of 0.12% when he doesn't.

So, don't buy bonds.

I'm sure the guys at BNP Paribas have a place for your money. From what I hear, they are hot on a shorting technique that works quite's the Phil Mickelson theory.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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