Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why we watch

I've written it before, and I'm sure it's been talked about many times around the world's water coolers, of how fortunate we are to be living in the era where we can witness the truly remarkable Tiger Woods.
I equate it on the same level as the lucky populace that witnessed the Babe Ruth era.

Already penned and pronounced as the greatest win in Tigers' short career, the fact that it was a West Coast tournament...the media-crazed East Coast was able to view it in prime-time...thus, this victory will be viewed as the greatest ever...simply because it was the most viewer-friendly tournament, that is...it gave the most people the opportunity to watch Tiger romp around in his childhood backyard.

I sat down, clicked-on the TV, and surfed-over to watch the Sun set during the 3rd round of the US Open. 1: to kick back and relax after a busy Saturday, and 2: to watch a few golfers pierce the hallowed ground of Torrey Pines. Suffice to watch a few holes and drift off to sleep.

Instead I was riveted to the screen, watching incredulously, as Tiger manhandled 13-18 as deftly as hang-glider uses his sails off the cliffs of the Pacific to master wind.

...that's why I watch.

Sunday evening I was able to catch the final few holes after a busy Father's Day with my family...content to watch a winner step onto the 18th green realizing a dream.

Instead I saw Tiger struggling...most physically, but also mentally, to cobble a score that took one last putt to force a historic Monday 18 hole playoff...also I might add the greatest celebratory pump/roar/exultation...of any magnitude I've ever seen!

...that's why I watch.

Monday night, after a day of work, I watched the tape I made of the back-nine finish of the tournament. After a day of avoiding any eye/ear contact with anything that could be turned into, or seen as, a US Open conversation...I was able to sit down and watch the grainy VHS tape that recorded the greatest Tiger Woods victory ever.

That's why I watch.

Congratulations Tiger, but also to the very fortunate populace that are in tune with what we are watching.

Thanks for reading, Keep it in the short-grass,



Anonymous said...

That's why I watch as well. Now I'm going to be watching to see how the rest of the players do, now that the Tiger is caged up for a while. It should be an exciting time in history to see who has the guts to rise to the top. Of course, it will only be for a short time, because the Tiger will be let out of its cage.
That's why I'm going to be watching!

Anonymous said...

I grew up watching video of some of the great golf players, courses and tournaments the world over. heck, it was a privilege just watching some of those shots on black and white film.

Now, to be able to say that i have seen Tiger Woods live is an absolute dream come true. To say that i have seem him win a major, live, is something i'll take to the grave with me.

The way we look back on history is a very complicated matter, and i don't like to predict it. However, i'm quite sure Tiger will be remembered as the greatest golfer ever, and i got to see him play!