Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hormones are a ragin' at Birkdale

It's been goin' on for some time: angst-ridden James Dean showin' off to win the girl in "Rebel Without a Cause"; Ty trying to prove his manhood to Lacy in "Caddyshack"...

Now we have the great Greg Norman, showing off and proving his bangers and mash to Chrissy.

Really, since the beginning of time, men have excelled at trying to prove their worth to girls.

The wheel was invented by a caveman that was trying to win over a cavegirl who was in love with the guy that invented fire...

...true story.

The great Greg Norman, whom I've praised before, is celebrating being a newlywed with Chris Evert at Royal Birkdale. The man, with his bride in the gallery, is pumped and is proving his mettle sans Viagra.
Hey look, you and I know that guys love to show off to their women...and this is why he's in the lead.'s Chris one stands a chance.

Greg, enjoy that Claret Jug with Chrissy. You da man!

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


P.S. I was pulling for a Norman/Garcia matchup...Garcia is dating Greg's would have been very fun to have watched that drama unfold!


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Twas a very fun Open to watch this year.