Monday, August 04, 2008

The season that time forgot

Remember the GREAT first half of this year's golf season my friends...'cause it ain't gonna get better. In fact, The year has already passed. From now events will be measured in terms of the countdown to Tiger '09.

Many reasons are upon this vanishing season, the obvious being that Tiger is in rehab. For the life of me, I cannot understand why he won't grant the media a 24/7 day-in-the-life of Tiger? know...a "Reality Tiger" show. I just don't think we get enough Tiger coverage. :-)

But I digress...

Another reason is the knee-breaking performance/drama/festival...of the US Open. Golf doesn't, and in our lifetime probably won't, get any better than that weekend. Thus the Tour has blown out it's knee, and is hobbling to the finish of the season...puns intended.

The biggest reason is what starts Friday China.

Unless you've been buried in EA's Wii Tiger Golf '08, you know the Olympics are taking center-stage for the world to watch...and watch they will. It will be the most televised event in the history of media.

China is where the drama will be for the next few weeks...and it's not listed on the official Tour schedule.

No, Chrissie and Greg Norman will not be in Michigan, so there's no reason to watch the PGA Championship.

So the China Olympics will carry the country through the end of summer. Then...if there is anybody that remembers that golf is on TV...will find the irreverent Fall Series, as the race for the FedEx Cup winds down.

Or starts up...because every day that goes by is one day closer to seeing Tiger tee it up again!

Let the Games begin!

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,



Jeff Goodman said...

Season that time forgot? You simply means the season that didn't kiss Tiger's ass.

A few stories that you've forgot about:

* 48 year-old Kenny Perry winning 3 events this year, 7 top 10s in 21 events.

* 23 year-old Anthony Kim winning 2 events this season and making a name for himself in only his 2nd full year on Tour.

* Greg Norman, an afterthought at the Open Championship @ Birkdale, playing the golf of his life at 53 years old.

* Padraig Harrington winning back to back Open championships.

* Ernie Els getting personal with his son's autism.

THe stories are out there and not all begin with the name Tiger.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, if you wanted to see Greg Norman... he is actually designing two brand new golf courses in the Texas Hill Country, 20 minutes from San Antonio.

The courses will open in 2010 and they are part of what will be the brand new the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa.

They recently announced that the Valero Texas open will will change venues in 2010 to the new TPC San Antonio course located at the resort – Norman's doing... and Pete Dye's as well. Hopefully we will bring in some really big golfers too!