Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The importance of diversification

Which statement is true:

The PGA is to the NFL like a subprime loan is to a condo in Miami?


The PGA is to the NFL like a knee injury is to...well, a knee injury?

Well, actually they are both true to a fault. The parallels of Tiger Woods' effect on the PGA Tour, as well as Tom Brady's to the NFL are eerily similar.

Both injuries happened while they were playing their game, and were on top. Both have over-played their face-time with commercials...because they are both hugely popular in their respective circles...

...and both leagues have exploited this phenomenally. One to a fault, the other Buffet-like.

Finchem and the PGA Tour have exploited Tiger's ascent to perfection. The Tour has become a well-oiled...and well-heeled machine thanks largely to one Tiger. The PGA makes its own rules now, and Finchem is at the wheel of this steamroller...just ask any small-market tour stop that stood in its way thinking of tradition instead of money.

Problem is...it's got all the eggs in one basket, and that basket just told Dan Patrick of SI last week that he might beat Dan in putt-putt, but little else.


The PGA is in damage control and has no answers to salvaging this season. A season Finchem thought would never come...and that will hurt long-term. There will be guarantees...risk insurance and lawyers next year and going forward to protect sponsor losses...if Tiger plays next year.

The NFL has been riding the coattails of the Patriots for almost a decade. Tom Brady has been cast as its Golden Boy...and less than 10 minutes into the season Golden Boy is off the air. Pity the fans in the NorthEast, pity the sponsors of Tom Brady...but the NFL will continue to dominate as the penultimate league. Tom Brady's early tunnel exit will only hurt the NFL until week 2.

The PGA and the NFL are brands, but here is the crux...the one big difference between the 2 leagues; Tiger Woods is the PGA...the PGA is Tiger Woods...one egg...one basket: The NFL is one brand...the NFL...players for the most part are hidden behind their warrior masks, and are required to play with their emotions concealed. There are many characters that make up the NFL... there are many faces to the league...you can't lock down one player and say that they are the example for the NFL.

The NFL is that condo in Miami right now...it ain't no subprime loan, and it's still got that waterfront view.

Finchem take note.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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JuanJ said...

Tiger injured his knee jogging....not playing golf.