Monday, December 15, 2008

The art of leaving

Throughout the land, parties will be held in celebration for Christmas, New Year's, and yet another month I held onto my house...uh, actually scratch that last any rate, the point is...we will be a nation of celebratory fools. Sure we love going to these parties, but do we know when to leave?

Are you the guy or girl with the lampshade over their head...or can you hold your drink and leave the room with others in awe.

In other words, are you more of a John Daly-type, or are you more like Annika?

Yes, that Annika...the one who was over in Dubai celebrating her last competitive rounds of golf...leaving the fans with a birdie. Her grace equal to the great Babe Zaharias.

How great that Annika leave her last tournament with a birdie. We should all be so fortunate, after all, a birdie on the last golf hole makes the return to the game so much more exciting.
Will her return be that of ambassador to the game? We can only hope.

We are so fortunate to have witnessed the class of a true champion in our lifetime...

...and not one lampshade was ever sighted.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


1 comment:

Bedlam said...

I didn't see this, however I like Annika alot. Im sad to see her leave but I think her time was up. She want be gone long.