Saturday, November 29, 2008

Who's gonna be on Tiger's bag?

Put the Buick back in the garage...Viagra won't even revive this rusty old-timer. Now that it's all said and done, we'll look back and wonder was it GM management or the US government that sacked Tiger?

Now...get this...the company that makes Hot Wheels (Mattel) has a larger market cap that the company that makes actual cars (by about 1 billion). Still, that didn't prevent the GM brass from flying into Washington on their private jet to ask for a handout from you and me. Today, they want to do a debt for equity swap for bondholders to entice them to give up the safety of their corporate bonds (1st one's to get dibs on a bankruptcy) to swap for GM stock (they get what's left...usually zilch)...think of it as taking down your front door that has 3 deadbolt locks on it, and replacing it with a screen door. That's what GM wants to do.

It's obvious GM doesn't get it. That's why I believe our government dropped Tiger. It's simply economics that our government understands (believe it or not), and the corporate world doesn't...until it's too late. Look at it another any of us really believe Tiger drives a Buick on his days off? If he doesn't drive a Maybach, I'd be surprised...yet there he is, schlepping Enclaves with On Star. Just once I would have loved to hear the lady on the other end of that On Star call say: "Tiger...THE are you doing driving a Buick?!..rescue personnel are on their way."

...yet Tiger was free to take the millions of dollars given to him by the dolts at GM who figured Tiger would save the brand. Tiger's good...but not that good.

So that leaves us with that big question mark on Tigers' bag...who will step up to plaster their corporate image on the world's most sought-after bulletin board.

I'll make a couple predictions. He has a deal with Gillette...Gillette is owned by Procter & Gamble...his daughter Sam is helping him understand the benefits of Pampers and Pampers wipes. He's also aware of the need for Duracell batteries for the Ocean Wonders Aquarium for Sam's crib, and I'm sure he's had some early morning needs for Folgers...not that I have any experience with any of this :-)
Yep, a big P&G logo on his bag would sure make sense to me.

But what MyDailySlice wants to see would make kids of all ages scream with delight and would create mass hysteria for the most iconic brand in the world...


Yep, his daughter will be knee-deep in Barbies and American Girl before he knows it...

...and he and Stevie could ride to the tournaments in style in the baddest Hot Wheel ever... The Twin Mill.

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