Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Meaning of "G"

For a few weeks running, TV has had a plethora of newly minted ads that have the feel of desperation, as in desperation to sell us anything.

Enter Gatorade.

As reported in the WSJ today, the "What's G" ads we've been seeing in all of sports television broadcasting has been a subliminal attempt by the greatest drink franchise in history...Gatorade.

In the black-and-white ads, we see a collection of athletes (from Tiger Woods, to Bill Russell) and musical artists (from I Don't Know His Name, to Why Is He In This Ad).

It makes me wonder if the Gatorade Tiger drink will make the cut after seeing this ad (which is an apparent blending of the brand from many personalities into one). Goodness knows last year's sales for Tiger's subset of the overall Gatorade sales had to be brutal after his disappearance from golf last year.

If this ad kicks off a successful re-branding of Gatorade (which I believe will), then we might see these type of ads migrating to other suffering brands.

Let's start with a "B" for Buick...

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Bedlam said...

tried it, nasty, nasty, nasty. taste like watered down koolaid, sweetened with splenda