Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Changing of the guard-dog

As a young newspaper-boy, I was not excited about delivering papers to customers that had poodles as pets...I did not like their position on paperboys...mainly how they liked to nip at my heels as I was running away from them.

My favorite dog, however is the Labrador...no better dog for companionship in my book.

Next week will be the inauguration of our new President. This week, though, will be the First Family's family dog decision. The frontrunners are the Portugese Water Hound and the infamous Labradoodle.

The Labradoodle (cross between Labrador and Poodle) earned it's celebrity as the second dog in the Tiger Woods family. Yogi, as he is known, was picked for his lack of shedding and ability to let folks that have allergies revel in the companionship of a dog without having to carry a box of Kleenex and eyedrops.

The Obama's are a family that suffers from allergies as well. Thus the possible choice of this cross-bred treasure.

No word yet on how these dogs react to paperboys, or better yet...the press.

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