Friday, July 31, 2009

School record

Quick: Which college loves playing golf across the pond?

Answer: Georgia Tech: 3 British Open wins: Bobby Jones, David Duval and Stewart Cink.

BTW: Stewart Cink played with another Tech alum during his victory: Bryce Molder. If he keeps playing well, he will make it a fourth on the firth.

I remember back in the day, Cink winning the Nike Tour Championship (now it's called the Nationwide Tour) at Settindown Creek in Atlanta. A links course that stimped 15 on the final day. I was a scorer for a group a couple groups back...there names escape me now...fame is so fleeting...but I do remember Stewart Cink mowing the field down like a weedwacker on auto-pilot.
He was good at Tech. Everyone knew he was the next big deal out of the storied golf team of Georgia Tech. He almost won the US Open if not for a screwed-up final hole that was harder than #6 at Joe's Mini-Golf and Ice Cream for the windmill.

I still don't agree with belly-putters, but, until the USGA bans it, we have to accept it, and it has revitalized a great player...and it doesn't take away the fact that Cink beat a field on Scotland's hallowed turf only reserved for the likes of Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson.

Stewart Cink was to Tom Watson what Nick Faldo was to Greg Norman...what was a written script, only to be snatched away, scribbled, erased and edited.

Difference is, this editor took us all along for the ride with his Twitter account. He's a helluva, helluva engineer!

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