Saturday, July 25, 2009

Golf Rally Cry

Excerpt from Golf, Naked
Used by permission:

If I Ruled the World:

Here’s an idea for a new holiday. What if one day a year every golf course in the country opened its gates and allowed anyone to play for a predetermined, reasonable,and standardized rate? Can you imagine how cool Golf Day would be?
We would need some sort of lottery or limitation to who could play where depending on age,
state of residence, years on a waiting list, or something. Whatever. Someone else can work out the details. I’m just the idea guy.

A nationwide day for golf would be awesome. It would allow each of us to live out our dreams of playing courses that have filled the pages of history books and hosted epic tournaments—most of which we’d never otherwise have a chance to see.

Imagine knowing that during the next decade you’re going to play Cypress, Congressional, Medina, Merion, Baltusrol, Oakmont, Augusta National, Pine Valley, Pebble Beach, and Cherry Hills. Wouldn’t that be incredible?

I believe it would have a massive impact on the entire golfing industry. Playing golf at a premier facility, even only once a year, would give millions of golfers a reason to keep their games in tip-top shape. Merchandise sales would go through the roof (at least for the day). Rounds, lessons, and range ball sales would all increase, everywhere. Think about it—if you knew you were going to play Augusta National next year, I’ll bet you wouldn’t travel all that way to lay a big fat egg. Rather, you’d work hard on your game, and go there in hopes of posting a respectable score.

Wouldn’t you?

Golf course owners and private club members everywhere — come on, unite. For the good of the game, you can do this!


Ares Vista said...

Golf day is a great idea! Or, maybe golf week. Better yet, golf MONTH! Let's all play golf all day for 30 days. Our state of mind is bound to impove...

download music said...

I think your idea for golf day is an excellent one, but like you said, many factors would have to be accounted for when planning and deciding who gets to play where. I hope someone comes up with a way to manage golf day!

Marietto said...

ok let's do it in Italy!!! :-)

may be the month idea of Ares could be better...

Alina Graham said...

Nice Post