Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A classic mini-golf course

Hartville Ohio is home to a 50-year old miniature golf course. My Mom would hustle me and my brother to this 36 hole mini-golf course that...at the time... sat in between a cornfield and a old farm.

We couldn't wait to play the golf course which consisted of a final hole that, if hit dead-on, would yield us a free trip to have 18 holes of more fun.

We must've played that golf course a hundred times in my youth. In the 70's in NE Ohio, it was that, or a swimming pool that had more trunks in it than a car factory and a flea market that was more fleas than market.

We didn't have much...and we didn't expect much, but something about choosing your color ball and picking a child-sized putter, made us feel like royalty. My Mom was the conduit to our memorable visits to that spot, and contributed merrily in our grand adventure.

Last weekend I went back to Rolling Greens miniature golf course. Me, my brother, his kids, and my son in tow. A third generation being introduced by a couple of grown-up kids now with gray hair and crow's feet.

It had been 30 years since my brother and I played there. On the way, we talked about the place, and how we couldn't wait to hit it through the windmill, or tee it off on one of the longest holes that must be in the Guiness book of Putt- Putt...

...or to get the free game.

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