Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ohhh....crap... you hear that sound? It's the sound of sweat bubbling up from the pours of a Tiger. No, not the kind of tiger you see in the zoo...they don't sweat. It's the Tiger named Woods.

He's pissed, and he ain't gonna take it anymore.

I imagine the PGA Championship pushed him over the edge.

Sure he's been dinged a little bit this year, what with the drama played out over his returned of his injury-scarred winter layoff. Not only did he have to concentrate on his recovery...but the economic recovery. His planned golf course in Dubai-World is folding faster than a cheap map, and his grand Cliffs plan, scaling now to look more like a gradual slope.
Let's not forget the sponsorship head-aches he has dealt with after Buick pulled out...(and rolled into DC traffic...getting sandwiched in the process by a limo driven by Barney Frank, and the G4 flown by Pelosi). And Gatorade flubbing its way through a re-branding scheme that has even his head-covers scratching their heads...

...but hey, that's G!...

...but that's not Tiger.

The Tiger we know is bulletproof. Nothing stops him. He isn't human...he's a machine.

Then someone tugged on Superman's cape.

That someone was Y.E. Yang. A guy not even groomed for this scenario...the boy wanted to be a weightlifter, not a golfer. I mean, he didn't even start playing golf 'till he was 19!
But what Y.E. did is so scary, so illogical, that it smacks of the kind of prank you would expect an MIT grad to play on the Dean of the college. "psst, I'll do your physics homework for a week if you pull down the Dean's pants during commencement."

Y.E pants'd Tiger at a MAJOR.

The media is all excited that Tiger has registered to play in the Barclay's next week. But Tiger-speak for this is that he's driving his school bus to the bus-stop...

...and he's gonna take some kids to school.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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