Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cloudy...with a chance of...

Here in Georgia, we have been known for things like fried chicken and hospitality.

The last few years, however, we've been known for droughts, and as the state that has a lake that's 17' below level.

I'd be referring to Lake Lanier.

The last time that lake was level, was the same year my friend bought a pontoon boat, and berthed in on a slip in the marina....oops.

Both the boat, and slip are gone since those days. Nobody wants to boat on tree stumps, and you only had to walk out to pick up your fish, no need for water.

But all that has changed recently with this years' H2O deluge...most recently last week's. Now the trees are green, no more drought, and the lake is full again...

...but so are basements , attics, and soccer fields.

And East Lake Golf Club.

...wait...scratch that...they have a full time maintenance crew that have the crazy task of making the golf course playable for this weekends FedEx Playoff, and they have succeeded...but will be tasked again this weekend as rain is coming.

With the advent of HDTV, greenskeepers' jobs have gotten ridiculously hard. Not only do the golf courses have to be pristine for the golfers, but also for the TV viewer. Gone are the days when the TV viewer couldn't discern a green from a..oh, let's say...brown.

Watching the golf tournament this week, I am amazed at the beauty of the course. especially the green greens. I mean, this area has had so many flash floods, that the DOT just decided to shut down major roads. I mean, my neighbor below me has a fescue lawn now, from the seed I planted in my yard the week before!

So, as we're following golf's season finale this weekend, please remember the men and women that made your viewing pleasure possible: the superindendant, and their crews...and the greenskeeper.

...I'm hiring him to do my yard next week.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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Steve said...

Yes unsung heroes all of them