Friday, November 06, 2009

Dress code?...Psshaa!

A while back...(and for me, as fast as time flys...that is a long time ago) I visited a semi-private golf course to hit balls on their range. I was in a rush, so I didn't have the proper attire for this course...but, hay, I was only going to their range.


"But sir, I just want to hit a bucket of balls...I'll even go to the far end behind where the ball retriever is sitting".

Nope. We require collared shirt, and no jeans.

Fast forward to today, that course is closed with empty homes on it, and I'm still golfing...

...with jeans.

With the rise of casual jeans in the inner social circles of the pure-breds, the dress-code is under assault.

The G20 convention in Pittsburgh this year was dotted with movers and shakers that looked like they should have been at a rodeo rather than at a world convention to determine the fate of the world.

Recently, this phenomena was covered in the WSJ noting the latest fashion...or a better word, comfort trend.

Golf courses that have strict dress codes will have to rethink their stance. Gone are the days when a $40 pair of Dockers slacks trumps a $150 pair of Diesal jeans. Golf courses need to put their dress code rules in relaxed-fit, lose the straight-legged verbiage, and get the 411 on the 501.

Last week I had the option of playing a lovely semi-private course on my day off. I picked up the phone to call for a tee time...then thought about how nice the Levi 560's that I was wearing felt... I redialed and called the local municipal course.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,



Golf Ball Collector said...

I think they need to relax a little on the dress code i like to be comfortable when im playing.

plaid golf pants said...

I like to play in my jeans when possible, but nothing is better than being in shorts on a nice perfect day in the Summer working on my tan, maybe they could be jean shorts :)

It does seem that the higher end golf courses have had to relax a little on their requirements, but the jeans and t-shirt crowd will stay have to stay away.