Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm....NOT going to DisneyLand.

This week's PGA golfers are in sunny Florida schmoozing Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

All except David Duval, he slammed his trunk and will be taking the long way home in golf-speak. He is one of many that will be finishing lower than the official money bar of 125.

To be sure, he will still be able to enter tournaments in 2010 because he finished in the top 150, giving him the dreaded "conditional status"....similar to the H1N1.

Because of his dramatic runner-up finish in this years' US Open, he will no doubt get a few sponsor exemptions for next year as well, and he is exempt in the first 3 majors next all is not lost for David Duval.

According to the, he is already signed up for Q school.

Maybe this is what he's the challenge of coming all the way back...kind of like this years' US Open, when he had to qualify by starting at the local level, and making it thru the traditional way.

Whatever it is, we wish him luck.

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short-grass,


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