Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The cracks are showing

Rule of thumb when there is bad news on a stock is you never want to buy into it while the news is just coming out...the rule of thumb is "you can't catch a falling knife".

Tiger Woods is a falling knife.

Pepsi announced they are terminating the Tiger sports drink to focus on it's core brands. They say it's not timed with the TigerGate, but I'm sure they is a moral clause in the contract that lets Pepsi move on. And let's be honest...was it really a great branding idea? I think not. I think Pepsi is better for it.

This is a way to reduce any more cuts in Pepsi's hands.

Tiger's team is smart to stay hidden and to wait until the smoke has cleared. What he says now won't do any good until the bottom has fallen his mother-in-laws stomach.

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plaid golf pants said...

Yea, Tiger has fallen from his Crown, and it will be tough to comeback, but he can look to Koby Bryant for inspiration.

In two years this will all be a blip on the screen and we will be rooting for Tiger Woods again.......