Monday, February 22, 2010

Who's zooming whom

I love poker, it is a cerebral game that pits yourself against two forces of nature: offense and defense. you have to decide which is more important to gain an edge over your competitor, and execute.

The Tiger Woods spectacle reached a new height last week when the frumpy-looking Eldrick shuffled himself onto a stage of people that don't care, and only want to stare...and get a good lead on a story.

Eldrick only knows how to play from a hand of offense. Defense is a foreign language to him, and instead of learning this art...he has deferred to his misfits of handlers that picked an inopportune time (The Olympics) to espouse on his failings.
The meeting made me feel that he is hiding something bigger and this is all a front to that bigness. Steroids, baby out of wedlock, gambling debts? We will never know, but Katilda hugging him after his oration made his puppet-act looked even more staged than it was. "Que camera 1" the world is watching your trainwreck.

Defense is not how you play golf, you have to challenge and push to triumph. Offense does this. Ask David Duval how you play with doesn't work very well. Eldrick will be playing defense for a long time.

The Bear will still rule the record books until Eldrick learns how to play from his new position.


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