Saturday, March 13, 2010

Anyone ask Billy?

With all this hub-bub about Tiger getting ready for The Masters, everybody has been willing to speculate on the man's appearance...except one influential person...THEE man who holds court in Augusta.

Nobody has asked Billy Payne.

I would imagine that he does not want Mr Woods to show up.

Anyone remember Martha Burke?

She was the very active feminist who held her ground pushing for women to be admitted to the Augusta men's only club. She held court on the grounds...well, actually the grounds across the revolt...pushing her agenda against the wishes of everyone there...everyone except the TV crews that made tiny Augusta Georgia a zoo for the week.

Fast forward to now. Can you imagine the, the Serengeti, that would invade this green oasis that used to be a quiet nursery? My gosh, My Woods' appearance will make Ms Burke's event look like a little girls' tea party.

The green coats at Augusta don't want My Woods to show his face, let alone his game. It will take away from the event itself. An event that has held its high standards above all else and has prevailed. They want to prevail here.

Billy doesn't want to come out and say it...but I'm sure that's the hush-hush feelings. The Masters is bigger than anyone in the game.


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