Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy happy joy joy.

Remember that line? It's one of the few Ren & Stimpy lines that stuck in our everyday vocabulary.

Ren & Stimpy...great to sit kids in front of so things can get done around the house by grownups...but not that great for the kids as far as enduring values.

I relate this to the announcement that Mr Woods has decided to ruin it for the die hard Masters patron by wagging his big 10-inch...um driver...around Augusta. Great for Tiger and the other "kids"..Stevie, the media, Cadillac. Finchem "the grownup" can get back to work. But as far as enduring values...the poor badge-carrying fans that try to get a table at Hooters, or any other establishment will be shoved in the corners by the badge-carrying...wait for it..."kids in the media.
Mr Woods has now considered The Masters his way of marking his territory. This is to the increasing demise of the values of the game.

...remember when fans were all in an uproar (me included) about televising the whole par 3 tournament...

...man, that was nothing compared to this on-coming train-wreck.

Happy-happy, joy-joy!

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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