Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The difference between right and wrong

Jim Nance is my hero. He's putting his reputation as an even-keeled...on the fence uber-announcer...on the line, as one with talons that no one saw coming.

Unless you saw the Masters last week.

Tiger in round 3 at the 1st hole teeing off...literally was teed off at his shot and blurted out his displeasure so every little kid and golf fan that dreams of hero's heard....the blurt heard round the world...with apologies to Franz Ferdinand is what torched Jim's ears that gorgeous Saturday at the Masters.

We can connect the dots to Tiger as an overachieved punk who still thinks he's above it all. He tramples the grounds of Augusta to announce his return because it benefits him...not golf. He shows his potty mouth when he said he wouldn't, right in front of Nance. The dots are connected...he doesn't care. And I guess that's alright...but not in golf. not for a purist.

...Not to Nance, and everybody that represents him.

When Mickelson exulted in his final putt on 18 on that glorious Sunday afternoon...he said "Oh my goodness." If you were a lip reader, you knew it. And that sums up the ascension of Mickelson onto the hero's pedestal.

When we look into the goodness of golf...we see Phil Mickelson, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus (who BTW brought tears to me eyes as they kicked off the tournament with their drives on Thursday).

But we also should include Jim Nance. The man that has the best job in the world, accepts his place in life as a gracious ambassador to every sport he broadcasts...

and one that can tell you right from wrong.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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