Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Masters Wii reviewed!

508 days...

That's how many days it's been since Tiger Woods last won a golf tournament.

Well, that's not including his virtual self...he won last night.

In between hitting shots around my daughters dollhouses, and my son's lego collection, I was able to guide Tiger around Banff golf course to win at an astounding -18 under.

So let's close the book on his drought.

Masters for Wii is the latest and greatest golf game from EA Sports. It is the first video golf game I have owned. What has kept me away from these games is the lack of interactivity before the Wii. So you might say that the Wii is the real reason for the incredible awesomeness of this game...not the game itself.
That said, the ability to start as a club pro, and move up the tournament ranks to have the opportunity to play in The Masters, makes you feel like your playing out the scenario of the Feinstein book 'A Good Walk Spoiled', I love this game, and will play it not only for the fact that Augusta has opened the veil to allow EA to map the course, but for the other reasons of my 7 year old finding enjoyment out of it whether we are playing skins at Pebble Beach (him at all-play, me at beginner level), or whether we are crashing golf ball zambonis around the range.
This is not your typical video golf game with Scottsdale golf courses filling out the, this is much more...
...So much more that I may never play real golf again...

...okay, that part's not true (I hope!)

25 years...

That's when Nicklaus guided himself around Augusta to win in everyman fashion. Tomorrow he will tee off with Arnie to open the 2011 Masters, and we will all say to ourselves: "really? it was that long, I'm old."

...then I'll take my Wii-stick and guide Nicklaus around Augusta in true '86 fashion...

...and I'll feel young again.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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