Saturday, April 16, 2011

Welcome to Georgia ya'll...we're hiring!

This just pulled over traveling on I-285 Sunday afternoon after seen weaving irratically in- and-out of traffic with his golf cart.

Hi ya'll...this is Biff Busterman reporting to you from the bee-u-tee-full state of Gawgea to review with what has been an apparent attempt of one man to try out all the new laws that passed by our state's legislators.

Now we all know how hard your elected officials work...I mean with the collective vision to know that the economic light at the end of the tunnel is not an on-coming locomotive...but a...

Golf Cart.

Late Friday our leaders passed a law to allow golf carts to...excuse the pun...putter, on more roads across our fine Cherokee Rose state, well...I just had to look into this.

Turns out that Georgia manufacturers more than 90% of all golf carts sold in the country...and get this...there are 20 jobs created for every 1000 golf carts sold!

Weeehhooo! Folks, leave your unemployment worries behind...Georgia need golf cart salespeople! Are you mechanically inclined? Operators are standing by to take you golf cart maintenance application!

Now all we need is to make these puppies run on bio-diesal, and we'll have a full-fledged economic recovery....those jobs will be available in Georgia....Russia though, because we'll need to export the higher paying jobs so we can import the lower paying ones.

So what about our man on I-285? Well he was driving a golf cart legally(Senate Bill 240), driving irratically because he picked up and was drinking some brewskis from Kroger on Sunday (Senate Bill 10), he was weaving in-and-out of traffic because he couldn't get an anti-diarreal and was trying to find a toilet (Senate bill 36), luckily (because the trees had been knocked down) he saw a billboard that said a McDonalds (best bathrooms in America) was at the next exit (House bill 179).

So, next time you see a golf cart, thank a Georgia congressman.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


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Golf Guy said...

im a big fan of this i live down the road from my course and i like to drive my cart there