Saturday, May 10, 2014

Book review

This week I finished a softback book entitled 'Who is Harry Bigballs?' It is NOT for the faint of golfer.

It's about a group of guys that have annual golf-a-pallooza of their own kind....the type of event that hundreds of males try to get hall passes for every year.

Inside the read there are mash-ups of events you would see during your fraternity days on a golf course....did I mention only guys should read this....guys that are interested in reading about others' escapades during a golf outing.

There are clever golf games to try though, with instructions on how to play....but will assuradly get forgotten if your group drinks as much as this foursome.

So,this is not your mama's book on golf....unless you wallow in the enjoyment of the extremes of bad behavior.

Thank you for the read Harry...I think.

Keep it in the short-grass,



mike smith said...

I may check that book out.

Anonymous said...

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