Saturday, September 19, 2020

Heritage Golf Course. Tucker GA. Sold to developers. Save the course!

Back in the day --only 30 years ago-- I moved to Atlanta. Fresh from the spoils of Florida with flat golf courses, I was ready to experience golf with hills. Heritage was in my sights from newly formed friendships and social golf leagues that were hot at the time. 

The location cant be beat if you live ITP. The best place for the money and by far the most challenging, Heritage was the golf course of the day. 

Currently, Heritage is the busiest public course in the Atlanta area. Where these golf maniacs will go if the developer gets his way is an unknown horror for these diehards?

If you live in Atlanta, please sign the petition link provided to keep the zoning as a golf course. I'm sure the owners of the golf course are happy to get out from under the pain of managing the course, and to reap the money from a choice location where space in Atlanta does not exist. I'm sure they want to is their right.

But is it not the right of the thousands of golfers that depend on golf for fellowship to keep the course as maybe a muni, or to a developer that will keep the course for the good of the sport?

Keep it in the short grass,


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Robin Suntheimer said...

I hate to see golf courses close. I I lived in Atlanta, my husband and I would definitely sign the petition. We had a golf course last year where we live. It was a golf course that had been handed down through the generations and now it is closed because the final family member was a lady in her 80's and she couldn't get a good golf manager to help her.

It was a sad day for all of us as it was local charming, rustic and family owned golf course. It had it's issues but it was beautiful and fun to play.

The community lost out. What a shame! I hope you can keep your course as I am sure it will be sorely missed.