Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kyra and the PGA

The Shell Houston Open (SHO), the annual golf event in conjuntion with the Houston Golf Association (HGA), brings much-needed financial and volunteer assistance to eight local agencies. One of which is the Star of Hope mission.

No one is more thankful than Kyra.

She is one of three previously-gamine sisters, all of whom had been forced out of their house with their mother, for fear of their safety from an abusive relationship. While Kyra's mother found help at a battered women's shelter, the three girls were not provided with the same opportunity. Until they were referred by the shelter to the Star of Hope mission.

Through extensive children's programs, Kyra and her two other sisters have gone from gamine, to becoming a productive part of society, through reassurance and hope for a better future. All thanks to Star of Hope.

This year the SHO/HGA is inviting all-comers to participate in the Shell Houston Open Birdies for Charity (BoC) to generate funds for the Star of Hope mission.

It is a pledge-drive, minimum pledge is a penny-per-birdie that's made by the PGA golf-pros, from the first to the final round.
As extra incentive (as if helping gamine individuals isn't enough), if you correctly guess how many total birdies will be made at the SHO this year, you could win a new Buick.
The HGA pays all cost for the BoC, and all monies pledged and collected, go directly to the Star of Hope mission.

An average 1500 birdies have been at the annual event. With the (hopeful)addition of JB Holmes and Bubba Watson in the field, that number should increase.

I'm sure that's what Kyra wants.

Thanks for reading, keep it in the short-grass.


PS Note: Last year, more than 1600 children, most of them gamine, were given assistance from Star of Hope.


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