Sunday, January 27, 2008

An it in you?

A smattering of journals I've read over the past weekend (Portfolio, Golf, Money) has an opportunistic advertisement that is open to US citizens over the age of 18. The ad is a contest sponsored by Golf Digest, NBC Sports, and The USGA. The contest gives you the opportunity to write a 100 word essay describing your lust for the sport of golf, and how it involves the ability to break 100...

...At Torrey Pines.


Yes, this years' site of the US Open.
The chosen essayist will be given the opportunity to find their little white ball in course-condition rough...just like the pros!

Read the contest rules, because you have until Jan 29th to submit, and judges are looking for a certain winning formula from your essay.

So sharpen those yellow pencils and get writing! Don't put to much pressure on yourself, 'cause unlike the pencils at your golf course...

...this one has an eraser.

Good luck!


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Patricia Hannigan said...

Thanks for the tip...I just entered. I've entered so many golf contest and never won anything so maybe this is my chance. Finally.