Sunday, July 13, 2008

The case for experience

After Tiger Woods' miraculous win at Torrey with one leg tied behind his back...his self-inflicted battle wound sending him to the hospital with "new and improved" doctors orders that don't just involve standing up for golf, but also kneeling down for Sam...he is but a spectator for the rest of the year.

Pundits from both sides of the pond have pontificated the need for someone on Tour to take this opportunity of Tigers' absence to assert themselves into the captains chair.

So, I guess we have one...

Kenny Perry.

(we pause while Finchem picks up his jaw and grabs a tissue)

That's right...bless them Hilltoppers! The 48 year old Kentucky boy is running the tables on these tracks with more precision than the younger thoroughbreds who seemingly have the best opportunity to rise in this Tiger-void.

It's all about experience, and Kenny could have a very good case for "been there, done that i-tis", but it all comes down to who wants it more. While the young guns are busy primping and preening themselves for the limelight...the old man who has putters in his garage older than some of his competition is mopping it up.

Let's hear it for old guys who can prove they want it more, and can answer the bell when called upon!

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,



Anonymous said...

I think all of the Kenny Perry critics need to give him a break. There's no rule that says you NEED to play in the British Open, just because you are on a roll. It's his life, let him play where he wants! By the way, the pros in Milwaukee better play hard, because I think ol' Kenny is about to make it four out of six!

Anonymous said...

Give it up for the old guys!