Monday, October 12, 2009


You gotta love the early SNL skits of Fernando Llamas I believe his "You look Marvelous" line was used 1000 times at my graduation party.

Rio "the marvelous city" will host not only the 2016 games, but will also bring golf to the games, where it so rightly belongs.
The future betting will not however be on the golfer that wins the gold, but for the golfer that builds the course.

See, Rio has no golf does have pristine beaches with scantily clad sun worshippers and sugar cane fields burns.

Now it's not Billy that will be saying his famous line, but rather Norman, Faldo and Nicklaus.

No, I'm not talking about their dreams of competing with their sticks...

...they will be competing with their shovels.

So, it is in this beautiful corner of the world, that these great men will train their bulldozers over Rio Terra Firma, to reach the gold in a much more high stakes game than what the actual golf shots will contest, for the Olympic gold.

They will be competing for residuals, the right to call their golf resort the "Official Golf Course of the 2016 Olympiad", and have that moniker to have and to hold way after the Games have gone.

...and that will allow one of these great men to check their bank account while the Rio gold flows to them and say..."Mahvalas".

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golf magic said...

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Golf Guy said...

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Thomas Pranio said...

Billy Crystal is pretty funny and I have used the line myself.., who knows it those boys will be alive then?

I hope. The all seem like good people.

I loved watching all of them when they were at the heigth of their careers.

Nicklaus was great to watch just like Tiger.