Sunday, June 27, 2010

Golf needs the vuvuzela.

Golf is pushing out of it's tight-buttoned self. Golf is looking for international direction.

Enter the vuvuzela.

How great would it be if golf fans adopted this instrument as golf's vocal chord?

Soccer fans have been using this horn for years to provide a rallying cry for their homeland. Some love it...mostly the media hates it...but one thing is for certain...passionate fans love it.

I think the golf gods should try it at the Phoenix Open this year as a pilot. Then, introduce it to The Ryder Cup, and all International events.

Want golf to be as popular as soccer? Get passionate fans of whole countries involved. This goes way beyond a stuffy Cutter & Buck polo shirt with a country flag on it. I'm talking boistrous-ness.

Then, when a Graeham McDowell comes out of nowhere to win the US makes more than front-page news...

...It invigorates a whole country overseas, as well as a country of our nation's immigrants.

And that's how to create passion.

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,



The Golf Professors said...

Interesting... I wonder how the course marshals would feel.

Galvin Green said...

May be an intersting experiment golfers playing in total noise rater than the smallest thing putting them off.

sporting goods review said...

people hate vuvuzela, yet everyone buys vuvuzela.

Burgh Golfer said...

I would love to see the Vuzela at the Ryder Cup, I wonder how Monty would fee about that since the guy can hear a pin drop.

Burgh Golfer

powerball neon said...

Ok, it's official Vuvuzela is banned everywhere ...