Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Book Review: One for the Memory Banks

 Who doesn't like golf trips? Every guy's rite to get a group of his buds and spend a weekend hitting the links. Author Luke Reese does the rite one better...he gives us an inside look at his golf trips among the international classic golf links while doing business in Great Britain and Ireland.

What I enjoyed about One for the Memory Banks is every chapter had a review of the golf they played at the upper tier courses he played with his friends throughout their sales careers with Wilson. Many times I found myself stopping and saying  to myself "wow, I gotta see what that place looks! me Royal County Down!" and then I could let myself dream a little.

Priceless little inside information stories add to the allure of this North Berwick created bunkers, the heartwarming tale of Laddie Lucas, and the very cool meeting of caddie Aidan Doyle.

Author Luke Reese does a great job allowing the reader to go with him on his adventures through these great courses sharing stories, meeting nice people along the way, and making time for golf when there was no time. 

..and isn't that what we all want to take away from a golf trip?

Keep it in the short-grass,


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